As one of the most effective detoxifiers we will take Cilantro because it aids and removes heavy metals and other harmful contaminants. When an organism is overloaded with heavy metals, it leads to cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, lung disease, weak bones, emotional problems and we have to take care of our bodies while we are alive.

Cilantro, when is linked to chlorella, can remove more metals and toxins and clear them where they hide in our bodies.

All people who have eaten salads have experienced this effect, a mood effect because they help the body fight the toxins, and on the other hand, fiber helps in better digestion.

In conclusion, make sure you get this detox-drink effect and your body will be thankful.

Here’s our recipe for this kind of drink:

  • Half a glass of fresh organic CIlantro
  • Half a cup of organic apple juice
  • Half a glass of water
  • 1 teaspoon of chlorella

Blend the mixture in a blender until it is done. Good appetite!