There’s a famous saying: “If life only gives you lemons, make your own lemonade.” However, we will not wait for life to give us, but we will plant and have lemons at home, so we will make lemonade when we want. Below we will explain what exactly it is about.

We will explain and describe below how you could plant yourself and get a lemon tree using only lemon seeds.

Many health benefits of lemon:

Lemons are full of vitamins and minerals needed for our body. If you choose lemon to buy from the store, choose soft lemon. They are rich in Vitamin C. They help with colds, flu, headache problems and many more.

The most effective method to Grow A Lemon Tree:

  • Locally acquired lemon
  • Gardening soil
  • Pot/compartment
  • Room or place where it has sunlight

Planting Your Seed:

  • Add the soil to a bowl, add water and stir a little.
  • Add soil until you fill the container, almost to the top.
  • Allow 1 centimeter of space.
  • Slice one lemon in the middle and remove one seed from it.
  • Drain a little of the lemon inside the soil where the seed will stand.
  • Put the seed 1 centimeter under the soil and add water throughout the day.
  • Keep the container in a warm room.
  • Too much moisture can spoil the seed.
  • Feel free to place a plastic bottle on top before the seeds begin to grow.
  • When it starts to rise, transfer the container to an even warmer room and remove the bottle.

Thinking about Your Plant:

Make sure your soil in the pot is moist enough throughout the period. The room must be heated where the bowl is. There should be 8 hours of direct sunlight on the bowl. When your lemon tree starts to grow, move it to a larger pot, or to your backyard.