It is not new news that our body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to maintain our health. We need more minerals and vitamins to nourish our body. One option is to include fiber-rich foods in our meals so our food can be digest better and faster in our stomachs. Bananas and avocados are the best for that and they can help our body to work properly.

From cardiovascular problems to strengthening our bodies, read how bananas and avocados work to enhance our body’s health in the text we have prepared for you.

Bananas and Avocados: Research

Researchers from the University of Alabama have found that bananas and avocados will wipe out body toxins or do even more.

Also, they contain large amounts of potassium and can significantly improve general cardiovascular well-being.

Other substances that can be found in avocado and banana are:

  • Avocados Are Loaded With Fiber
  • Avocado Is Loaded With Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
  • People Who Eat Avocados Tend to Be Healthier
  • Heart Health
  • High Source Of Potassium
  • Calcification of the veins
  • Blood Pressure
  • Magnesium and Potassium: The Collaboration You Need

Apart from potassium, magnesium is also the essential mineral of the body and has more than 600 minerals that help the body. Together, magnesium and potassium are an inseparable pair, and according to the National Academy of Sciences they:

As we consume magnesium in our body, intracellular calcium increases. Because calcium brings vital work to the muscles, magnesium status can result in improved performance.

As an examination has been done, potassium insufficiency may lead to major health problems. It is therefore very important to enter any type of vitamins in order to preserve our health.

Currently, let’s say how bananas and avocados can help.

One banana offers plenty of potassium, fiber, nutrients B6 and C, copper and manganese. Because of these things bananas have:

  • Deal with the glucose levels
  • Help with insulin affectability
  • Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber
  • Control the circulatory strain
  • Counteract kidney stones
  • Avocado – A Health-Booster Like No Other:
  • Fiber — 54 percent Folate — 41 percent
  • Nutrient C — 33 percent Vitamin B6 — 26 percent
  • Nutrient K — 53 percent Pantothenic corrosive — 28 percent
  • Magnesium — 15 percent Potassium — 28 percent

Avocados can also be used for other delicious meals, especially for breakfast. Click here for more recipes.

To get an extra boost of potassium, consume more carrots, oranges, beets, vegetables and melons.