More than 2.6 billion people worldwide use Facebook, and this is a pleasant way to meet some new people. Specialists agree with the way Facebook is the most famous arrangement for online life. It resembles the continuation of virtual life, and everyone finds the opportunity to convey its personal beauty or to announce its beautiful melody. Unfortunately, there are additional things that should not be posted on Facebook. Indeed, the vast majority do not know about the shortcomings and what can contribute their personal data to be repressed or used for some other purpose

We give you 10 basic things that you need to erase from your account:

Relationship status

You may need to report on your life, but that may not be the best thing you should do. Only your dear relatives and not all facebook users should know about this information.

Pictures of kids

Do you really need everyone in this world to see that photo of your child? Everyone should not see your child’s photo on social networks. “Predators” can engage in photos, which means that your child’s life is in jeopardy. In this way, really, stop posting photos of your child. Selected photos and not too much need to be attached to the wall of your profile. You really have to look out for it.

The child’s school/childcare information

Continuous re-examination before presenting any personal data related to your child’s school or child care. Indeed, even the smallest data can jeopardize your child, and you sincerely do not need any “thieves” waiting to see where it will be or where your child will go, right? Try not to give them a green light.

Faulty pictures

We use Facebook to share a day of private life with others. Bad photos of the style: Alcohol, drinking, tobacco consumption and similar things can all be seen by people who should not have seen it at first. The equivalence refers to the photos where you are doing meaningless things. You can only hurt yourself.


Stop trying to increase your glory through Facebook. You may have a large number of virtual companions, however, you do not need to associate with outsiders aside from your list of friends and acquaintances. Think that your virtual comrades will also have access to your private data (in terms of where you are moving and what you are doing). Your family is at risk, too.

Credit/Debit/Bank Info

Buying things through Facebook is simple, but your card information will be revealed, so you better delete it. Developers feed on “exploited people”, those who take pictures of ID card, purchase card, so they can easily come to you, to take away part of the amount from the bank.

Telephone number

Huge NO. Do not leave your private phone number to some people you meet on the road, right? So, for what reason would you put your Facebook number right now?


Getting a few messages for your birthday will make you feel like a demigod, but few people can change that. Criminals of the person can find you and use that data.


Some humiliating photos should also not be viewed by your boss. These things are the result of many layoffs, quarrels, and so on. Also, you do not need to put your personal interests, whatever you want, even though Facebook asks you to do so, please do not. How and in which church do you go and other things.


Is it safe to say that you plan a party in that extravagant restaurant? Try not to post about it unless you need robbers to attack your home while you are having fun elsewhere.