Near the end of the day, countless people feel too exhausted and in terrible condition, because for most of the day, they wear shoes, high heels and bad and old trainers.

Together with these things, problems such as enlarged veins are more common, and parasitic diseases are typical, and luckily, there are basic ways to deal with them.

There is nothing better, something more beautiful and warm relief to nourishing the soul after a boring and busy day of work. In any case, this preparation will similarly enhance your general well-being. Specifically, spraying of the feet destroys animal forms and minute creatures, and is an incredible technique for detoxification of the whole body.

If you add salts to spraying, you will improve iodine levels, reduce pain and pain, and relax your whole body.

How to set up this straightforward foot drench?


Bowl of heated water

Lemon juice

Olive oil

Mint tea

Epsom salts

Peppermint fundamental oil


Include all the things in the bowl with heated water and leave your feet for 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter, wash your feet with water and together with a pebble stone to discard the dead skin cells.

In this way, you will reduce stress, as Epsom salt is a rich source of magnesium and takes away all the harmful substances collected in the body, improving your general well-being.

Also, the feet stimulate the reflexological centers around them, relieve the various nerves and thus soothe the mind and make improvement and relaxation. Apart from the central peppermint oil, you can also use other essential oils to extract harmful substances around your legs.

CanyonRanch records undoubtedly the most prominent treatment options for restoring legs:

  • Winter oil is considered a natural aid. Helps relaxing your feet.
  • Rosemary oil calms tired muscles and has clean properties.
  • The lavender oil, as you may know, is best for relaxing. Similarly, it is a protected trademark that is perfect for muscle and joint pain.
  • Cypress oil is a disinfectant and a normal antiperspirant. Add a few drops in the water where you put your feet in order to relax from stress.”