Here are the herbs you can create inside your home or garden, using its parts and this can save you money and time and also you don’t have to go anymore in town to buy them.

Read more how to grow them below.

  • Pineapple:

If you have the right climate, why not try it? Take the pineapple and cut a piece of 1 centimeter under the leaves. You have to dry the part a little to prevent early decay. Now place the part in a bowl of warm water. When you notice that the part is starting to germinate, place it in a bowl and top up with water once a week. Preferably store it in a warm and light place. (If you have uncertainties you can contact us)

  • Rosemary:

Like all herbs, you could also get rosemary again with cuts of about 5-6 inches. Take them, put them in a container with water and they will be ready for planting in a few weeks. Take 2 containers now, make one with holes with a pen, put the rosemary inside, place the ground, and let the other container be empty and down. Because this plant is delicate, put water only when the soil is dry.

  • Romaine Lettuce:

Similar to celery, store the lowest part of romaine lettuce in a 1/2 cm hot water bowl. It must be exposed to direct sunlight. In about a week or two, it will start producing fresh leaves for your salads. You can transfer them to the soil to keep growing.

  • Mint:

To succeed in getting mint, cut the pieces and place them deep in a soil bowl. The room must be a bit sunny and humid (the kitchen is ideal). In a few days, you’ll get a new mint, suitable for teas.

  • Basil:

If you have pieces of basil at home and they have 3-4 inches of stems at the end, you can put them in a glass of water and under direct sunlight. When the stems grow a little further, transfer them in soil bowl. No more shopping for basil.

  • Onions:

Unlike all other plants, you must put the onion in the ground at start to grow it. Take the end of the onion and place it on the ground. When the ground is dry add water. In about 3 weeks the onion should develop roots.

  • Tomatoes:

Take fresh tomatoes, cut them in half and place them in wet soil. Leave them at room temperature, but do not allow the soil to dry, add a little water throughout the day. In about 70 days you should have fresh tomatoes.

  • Turnip:

It can be done like same way like carrots, cut the top and put it in a bowl of water to grow roots. This part would take a couple of weeks. When you get roots, take them out and do the same with carrots.

  • Carrots:

Same way. Take the carrot tops and place them in a bowl filled with water. When the roots begin to grow, you can plant them in your garden.

  • Garlic Sprouts:

Take the green tops and place them in a jar with some water exposed to direct sunlight. They will grow a bunch of garlic and they are suitable for salads, pasta or as a side dish.

  • Lemon:

To grow a lemon, you will first need fresh lemon seeds and a deeper, earth-filled container. You have to put more water at start. The dish must be larger and wider. We do not have the steps of their planting and growing at the moment.

  • Celery:

Cut the base of the celery and place in a bowl with warm water. You must set it to direct sunlight. In about a week the leaves will start to grow. Transfer it to the soil and watch it grow.