This kind of banana is a champion among the most fantastic things on earth, through my eyes.

Blue Java is a kind of banana, which tastes prominent and has a similarity with vanilla frozen yogurt. It has a sweet, magical smell, and is called Blue Java, because its strip has a blue shadow when it is immature. The matured structure has a greenish or light-yellow color, with the interior parts that are incredibly yellow. It is recognized by several names – Hawaiian bananas of Fiji, Cenzio in Central America and banana dessert in Hawaii.

The variety began in Southeast Asia, spreading across the terrain in Northern Australia. Bananas are usually tropical natural products. Most bananas will not be produced at typical temperatures of 40 F. They mostly disappear at 28 F. The Blue Java banana is an intense species that will continue to produce at temperatures as low as – 7 C / 20 F.

Need To Grow “Vanilla Ice Cream” On Your Property?

In case your atmosphere and property fit into a banana, here’s what you need to know. In the United States, the Blue Java banana is reasonable to create in USDA zone 9b-11, although several farmers create from zones 8 to 11, which are slightly intense zones. This zone on the map pulls North America into 11 zones, each zone 10 F firmer or more from the border right or left zone. They engage farmers and plant breeders to find out where best to plant this banana.

Blue Java tree will grow to something near 15 – 20 feet. In case you plant a pseudonym, it takes about 9 months from the time the leaves appear. On the other hand, you can have trees at different times, you need to buy them.

Bananas do not require a tremendous amount of vitality, but you still need two or three planting tips to get Blue Java on the right track, legitimate.

Watering is essential. Bananas want delicate conditions. They like hot, rich soils with high humidity. In the middle of the creation season, the tree is working on the absorption of water to produce fruit. Furthermore, you must have a very good humus soil.

Blue Java Uses

Blue Java Banana has wide, strong and thick leaves as well as some other bananas. These leaves can be used instead of aluminum foil, material paper or characteristic cooking hobs. They can be used for preparation, percolation, evaporation, roasting and drying.

Because Blue Blue Banana has a flavor essentially like vanilla and frozen yogurt, you can eat it. Bananas are essential dense foods and are low in fat. 100 g of banana contains about 89 calories, 22.8 g carbohydrates and 0.3 grams of fat.

Bananas have a lot of potassium. Potassium is a mineral supplement that supports muscle pressure and nerve cell response. Suitable potassium is essential to the heart and improves its performance.

Blue Java banana can replace standard bananas. Frugal, where vanilla flavor is indispensable. They are best for cakes of banana, sausages, banana oats, banana hotcakes, and they are excellent in banana frozen yogurt.