The winged snake is a natural product, otherwise called Pitahaya and pitaya, it can be with 2 different colors of meat: white meat and pink meat. This organic product is grown in Mexico, Central America and South America and is currently developed in Southern California and Florida, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

It has a flavor that resembles the watermelon, the desert plant bulb and kiwi. It has a surface similar to melons and crispy seeds, and the widest recognized assortment has dense, deep, pink red, uneven skin like a fire with green spikes.

Accordingly, this organic product improves well-being in different ways, so here are some of its medical advantages:

Its high cell reinforcement content fortifies the safe framework and averts disease

The high nutrient C and cancer prevention agents in pitaya treat respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis or wheezing.

It helps the disposal of substantial metals from the body

The high fiber content settles glucose levels and forestalls sugar spikes

This natural product is wealthy in cancer prevention agents that avoid untimely maturing of the skin.

Mythical organic grain product successfully combats irritation and opposes gout, joint pain and asthma.

By lowering cholesterol, it improves heart function.

Organic product sorbet formula:


4 ready red fleshed winged serpent natural products

2 tablespoons lemon juice

3/4 glass virus water (just if the organic product isn’t ready)

4 tablespoons sugar (discretionary)


Wipe the organic product and add it to the mixer, in case it is not ready and tasty, turn on the water. At that moment, add the lemon and the sugar, and mix until it is smooth.

At that moment, leave it to room temperature for less than 10 minutes and stir before consuming it.