Renal stones are crystals of dissolved minerals in the pike, which usually enter the kidneys or in the bladder. Moreover, they cause extreme pain when you have them in the body.The unwanted effect that comes from the presence of stones is the tragic serious torture and weights. There are a number of side effects.Nausea may appear in the lower abdomen and in the groin. There is also pain in urination.

A prominent cure, that is the solution to a large number of cases with kidney stones, used for more than 300 years, is a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.

Flush Kidney Stones Naturally

This treatment was tried by numerous.

Here is the way by which you can flush kidney stones normally:


100ml of lemon juice

additionally 100ml olive oil.

100ml beer

Mix together and drink at the beginning of the day on an empty stomach. Take 50ml. Shake the container before use. In six days the stones will move, and the sand for three to four days.

NOTE: Lemon pressing should be a true lemon juice.