Juice from the cabbage is used as a medicine for the stomach, but besides it is also a solid refreshment that raises the quality of health with nutrients and minerals.

The new cabbage juice is a remarkable and solid drink for the start of the day and can be used as a dietary supplement. It’s very healthy (who tried, he know it :)). There are numerous approaches in the way of preparation.

It has been used for therapeutic and culinary purposes for a long time. It is a decent source of riboflavin, nutrients C and amino-corrosive glutamine. In several trials, new cabbage emerged that reduced the size of the terrible cholesterol.

This juice is otherwise called a juice that destroys the stomach pains and problems with digestion. It should also be noted that some individuals should avoid this juice, of course, those who are allergic to it or those who do not need to consume cabbage in general. Of course, we write you every day and tell you how to be more healthy, more healthy, but for more detailed questions or advice, you should contact your doctor.

The new cabbage juice is a successful method to give the body nutrients and various healthy supplements that are found in this vegetable.

Cabbage juice against ulcers

In the country, there is a conviction that the cabbage juice is phenomenal to counter the stomach ulcer. Fresh cabbage juice is recommended to drink on a hungry stomach.

Cabbage juice for weight reduction

It is useful for all of us. It is rich in fiber. Cabbage juice can also help you reduce your weight and maintain a fine line.

Tip: If you do not want to eat new vegetables, drink the juice of the vegetables. Cabbage juice is a direct and nutritious approach to expanding the amount of vegetables you enter into your body without having to consume so much calories, sugar and fat.

From minerals, it contains kalium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron.

Harsh cabbage juice (sauerkraut juice)