Walking through the day helps us a lot with physical and mental health. That is our priority. Regular exercise improves our muscle condition, improves our heart and enhances our health.

However, a 15 minute walk on a daily basis has been shown to significantly improve our health. Conversations and laughs with your loved ones while you walking can help you to forget about problems. The effects of walking can improve your health, and this habit can add 7 years more of health to your life.

Professor of inherited cardiac diseases , at the NHS Foundation Trust in London suggests:

“Aging is a process that no one can stop. However, it is up to us to slow that process down. Exercise adds 3 to 7 extra years to your life. “

Here are some of the benefits of daily walking:

  • The risk of diabetes is significantly reduced

Walking on a daily basis can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, as well as the risk of fat accumulation in the stomach.

  • The risk of high blood pressure can be significantly reduced

Walking and moving daily reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Helps us with the process of digestion

For the food we put in our organism, we have to walk more on a daily basis just to help the body to digest the food faster.

  • It keeps you to be more healthy and vital

Daily walking is recommended by all institutes and professors, as well as many doctors. Health is on a first place.

  • Walking to more healthy bones

Walking reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Regular exercise strengthens our bones.

  • Walking od daily basis can improve mood

Walking has been shown to reduce feelings of discomfort and anger. We have to be careful and to safe our mental health.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com