It’s very sad to know that plastic more and more makes a practically irreversible harm to this world and the plastic straw that you used early today will likely finish up in ocean waters.

Disposing of plastic mountains is a need now, and possibly we should begin off with plastic straws. You truly needn’t bother with these, and there’s an eco-accommodating elective that is shabby and alright for use.

Straws can be produced using various materials, and this youthful Vietnamese business visionary has the ideal thought – making straws from wild grass. The individuals who have attempted these wild grass straws experienced passionate feelings for the thought.

Tran Minh Tien claims Ống Hút Cỏ., an organization that produces straws utilizing sedge grass. His thought depended on utilizing Lepironia Articulata, otherwise called co blast. The grass develops well around the Mekong Delta district in southwestern Vietnam. Tien needed to change the world seriously, and his plan is very welcome.

This kind of grass has an empty stem, and Tien makes both dried and crisp straws. The grass is developed, collected and washed. Tien and his group cut 8-inch pieces and utilize an iron bar to clean the empty part. The straws are washed and flushed once more. That is the means by which crisp straws are made. Tien sells them enclosed by banana leaves.

Dried straws require more exertion. The grass is left under the sun for 2-3 days, and after that it’s heated in the stove.

New grass straws ought to be utilized inside two or three weeks, and they work best when put away in impermeable sacks in the cooler. You can heat up the straws in salty water, and let them dry normally. On the off chance that you choose to do this, you should later store the straws in a dry and cool spot.

The straws are sold in groups of 100. One dry straw costs 1,000 Vietnamese dong ($0.043) and one crisp straw costs 600 Vietnamese dong ($0.026). Tien’s straws are just accessible in Vietnam.

Zero Waste Saigon is another organization in Vietnam that is established with a comparative reason. It sells grass straws produced using the wild grass that develops in the Mekong Delta.