Individuals are constantly using the hashtag #PrayForAmazonia on social media, trying to get the world’s attention about the Amazon forest, which has been devastated for half a month by extreme fires that can be seen from outer space.

The smoke from the blast even swept across the sky in Sоo Paulo.

The cause of the flame is still unclear, but many blame Brazilian President Jair Bolesonaro, as the opening of Amazon to corporate abuse was a key board of his crusade.

The Brazilian Government’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) disseminated satellite information in June 2019, which showed that deforestation radically expanded under Balsonaro. However, the research may later be called a “lie”, and INPE CEO Ricardo Galvio was removed for lying.

Balsonaro announced that reports of widespread wildfires are inaccurate and even blamed on NGOs. He said his legislature is trying to control the flame, but it is unclear how the estimates are being taken by the organization.

Then again, Twitter’s customers have spoiled the media for insufficient attention to this “universal disaster” as the rainforest has a significant job of keeping the planet warm.

It seems that while Mother Nature is warming, no one hears her cry. The flame covers practically 20% of it so far, and the researchers guarantee that if deforestation is increased by another 5%, it will cause changes in the atmosphere and much worse results.