In case you are in the mood for something healthy, rich, nutritious, there is a productive organic product that we will try to show you soon.

Specifically, following their release on Instagram, a Florida ranch called Miami Fruit has grown a large avocado with a so-called “long neck”.

One of the shots on their Instagram page has 100,000 views and has also garnered about 6,000 comments. Demonstrated by a Miami-based homegrown fruit specialist, removing open and scar tissue from avocado, which is 100 percent non-GMO natural.

Insider has announced that the official name for the excellent organic product is Persea Americana Russell, starting from the city of Islamorada in Florida Keys.

Their normal length is 18 inches and can weigh anywhere between one and three pounds. Their site says their substance is delicate, yet flexible, rich in content, while Edel Schlegel, one of Miami Fruit’s co-workers, says they have a “thick, velvety, appetizing and marginally sweet” flavor. Schlegel added that the “long neck” assortment is incredibly limited and is rapidly selling.

The company said their avocados are growing very fast, just like ordinary avocados we buy at the grocery store, and one fruit can make 12 pieces of avocado toast.

The farm started out as a small fruit garden and collects and sells avocado with a long neck from mid to late summer. You can pre-order them from their website with a choice of four different box sizes, the smallest containing three to six pounds of avocado and costing $ 47, and the largest of $ 197 containing 35 to 45 pounds of fruit.

They additionally ship high quality natural products throughout the United States, for example, guanabana, rambutan, sugar apple and dragon fruit.

Their site shows that they collect natural produce here in South Florida, and almost everything that is sold is developed in the United States, with the persistence of rankers who invest wholeheartedly in delivering the highest quality tropical organic product.