Due to deforestation in India, various elephants can be seen walking around towns.

Various animals throughout India have been forced to settle in areas where people live in search of a safe habitat and to move more and more through many settlements, seriously seeking to find another home.

In any case, most of the time people take measures to protect these animals from harming their property.

This painful and unfortunate event occurred when angry residents of Bisnupur threw firebombs at the mother elephant and her child as a way of dealing with them to prevent them from entering their territories. Scared animals continue to run on the road, frightened, sad and homeless.

Photographing these unfortunate animals by these people, helps most to know their locations and attack them even more.

It is a pity that they are also using lights to drive some of these animals further.

Adolescents photograph wild elephants to capture such events. That’s not normal. Photographs show the mother of an elephant and her child trying to cross the railroad tracks just to save their lives.

These brazen images were made by the image’s owner, Bilabl Hazara, whose purpose is to expose questions about the status of elephants in their endangered region.

According to the Independent:

“The photographs highlight the phenomenal component of violence faced by endangered species as they attempt to do so in a smaller, permanently isolated shared environment. farmers use flashing lights to chase elephants from some regions. “

Mr Hazra declares:

“This is due to the fact that the locals have to preserve their belongings. There are different ways of capturing elephants in human homes. “

Elephants should move up to 19 hours daily. It is not permissible for wild elephants to winter and cultivate their needs on the land.

This is a huge issue that needs to be addressed properly and as quickly as possible, as the number of Indian elephants is fundamentally diminishing compared to the past.