Because our reality and our world say that hate is more prevalent in the world than love, disrespect rather than respect, we still negatively influence her as inhabitants of this planet.

Individuals directly compromise the development of natural life and nature at the same time, with pollution, illegal chasing and pursuit of wildlife, poaching and the capture of brutal and flying creatures.

Nevertheless, there are still individuals who do their best to protect the world and prevent the inevitable collapse of the planet. This story with baby elephant Mojo is another good thing for those people who believe that this country can be a beautiful place for everyone to live.

In 2016, she was also discovered starving and abandoned on the shores of Lake Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe, just days after being pulled away from her family while trying to cross a flooded waterway.

However, she was quickly transported to the Wild Life by Life police by officers, an important part of the rescue and restoration located in the nation’s capital Harare, founded and run by Roxy Dunksworths. The site has a large section on elephants, and its organizer has clarified that newborns are protected, developed, restored and released later.

This baby elephant was among the smallest rescue moments, weighing 56kg and was terribly large and weakened.

Roxy took over the job of a surrogate mother, spent all of her days with her from the beginning, in fact 24 hours, and even rested beside the little elephant to gain confidence.

Mojo means “of all heart” and she has found an exceptional place in Roxy’s heart and in her home. When she was little, she played with her around her home and never let her out of sight.

At a 2016 meeting with the BBC, Roxy clarified that there are about 100 creatures at their Zimbabwean animal site of 15 different species.

She explained that young baby elephants need stable breeding, so they have increased caution for every 2-3 hours to consistently head out and check their status.

Regardless of the dreadful beginning of his daily life, Mojo has turned into an “elephant with a silver spoon in his mouth”.

When they brought her to the shelter, everyone thought she was a child, but after a while they realized she was a young lady. While dealing with her, Roxy turned into an indispensable part of her life, and Mojo recognized her voice, her scent, and her looks.

However, Roxy maintains that Moyo is just as good for her and they have an unprecedented deep bond of kinship, trust and love.

These days, Mojo has grown up and understood how to fight her youthful injury and has begun to enjoy her life.