(CNN) His voice trembled as he testified, Brant Jeanan went to the judge and asked to hug the lady who killed his brother.

The jury recently sentenced former Dallas police officer Amber Gager to 10 years in prison.

  • “I don’t really know if this is possible, but if I could give her a hug, please,” he asked.
  • “Yes,” said District Judge Tami Kemp.

Jeanan stepped down from the witness stand and hugged Gager tightly. The two began to cry. He said she should not go to jail and forgive her.

Gager shot Botham Jean at home in 2018. She said she mixed the unit with her and thought he was an intruder. On Tuesday, a jury in Texas found her guilty of murder.

Over the last days, Jean and Guyger’s families have confirmed her conviction.

Botham Jean

  • “I would rather not say this twice or a hundred times what you are or what you took from us. I think you understand that,” he said. “However, I just -.”

He stepped out, trying to get some air.

  • “I know you are aware of what you have done and I do not know whether to say this, but I love you as a person and would not want you to go to prison – I, I forgive you,” he told Gager.
  • “I also know that if you go to God and ask him, he will have mercy on you,” he said.
  • “I love you just like any other person,” he said.

Like his brothers and sisters, Brantt was raised in the Church of Christ in St. Lucia, where his family lives. His mother, Allison Jeananne, gave all the last portions of the three middle names of Bible centers. Osam Jeanan’s middle name was Sam, who was Noah’s child. Brandt’s middle name is Samuel, a prophet in the Old Testament.

Source: www.cnn.com