Ikea has found a great solution for those people who do not have a garden for growing vegetables and fruits. This allows anyone who has no prior knowledge of gardening to grow their own crops at home.

This way you only need enough light and water for it to work and provide a wide variety of crops.

This Ikea system allows the seed to sprout faster, as it has a good system that moisturizes the seed without over-watering. Once the seed begins to germinate, the system adds even more water, drop by drop.

Then you can take the dishes and put them in a room where there is also enough light.

This way with the Ikea machine can work well without light, but it is best to plant a plant where there is light.

The system has sensors where all plants are given water equally.

As Jelena Karlen, of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, put it, “the challenge was to make a plant machine where everyone could grow their own…”

Called the KRYDDA / VÄXER series, the design was designed by agricultural scientists in Sweden, designed for people living in an apartment that could not have their own garden, with fresh produce through the winter.

Roney Ruesson, product developer at IKEA, said:

“We want to make it possible for people to grow herbs and vegetables all year.

No matter where you live, in North America or China, or in the north of Sweden, the point is to ensure a healthy life for all equally. “.

The basic VÄXER series includes everything you need to get started, seeds, a nursery, a crop box, pumice stones, fertilizer and enough sunlight.

This system is adaptable for people who do not have enough space in their apartment or do not have a garden space.

Ikea hopes to help more people around the world.

Source: https://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/