According to one report, it is known that more than 500 million straws are used in the United States and this is not good. Straw pollution must sometimes end, and it has been agreed that most companies limit their use.

In Italy, many bars and restaurants are innovative and have found a way to protect nature and serve their guests drinks with pasta instead of plastic straws.

One customer shared a picture of Reddit who wrote: Here in Italy, restaurants and bars are very sophisticated and serve testament drinks and reduce the use of plastic. This message quickly spread to the social network and beyond.

Nowadays there is an organization called Stroodles, which sells pasta straws. Its headquarters are in London. The candles are made of wheat and water. With them you can drink some tea or other cold drink. Their structure is solid and sufficient, so you can easily recycle them afterwards, which will not become rubbish.

Stroodles organizer Maxim Gelman has made it clear that this must be a clear message to everyone around the world to save our planet. He also clarified: We believe these changes will move people to think what is best for us all.

Gelman added that the pasta straws did not affect the taste of the drink at all. He said they are 100% vegetable pasta. It strives to reduce single-use plastics.

Elena Polisano has shown that pasta straws are one of the most innovative ideas to date and that this idea is so revolutionary that it can greatly contribute to the health of our planet. The goal is to get rid of disposable plastic.

We must forget the habit of recycling plastics everywhere and always. We have to take care of ourselves and future generations.

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