Everyone in the world wants to be surrounded by lots of friends, hangouts, coffee with friends, sunshine and fresh air, but no one has ever wondered what plants we need at home to feel happier and healthy?

According to the latest research, if your home is full of plants, you will live a happier and healthier life. Your day will be filled and you will have cleaner air for you and your children.

In parts of the United States, where there is lush vegetation, people have a longer life expectancy than those living in places where there is no vegetation.

How does the greenery in our home affect us?

There are many ways. One is that if you have more plants at home, you won’t suffer from depression. You spend a lot of time with your plants, they will bring you fresh air and your home will be beautiful. Where there are plants and foliage, there is no moisture and no air pollution. It brings us to a healthy body and a healthy spirit.

Countless studies give us the same results, that greener areas improve our mental health.

As mentioned, greenery is very important to have around us. Pick more places where there is lush vegetation, avoid city hustle if you can.

Very important conclusion:

If you want to add a few more years to your life, take a walk more often in places where there is lush vegetation, forests and for the end, put more plants in your home.

Source: www.globalremedyhouse.com