There are many types of honey all over the world. Honey can help you a lot if you use it properly. Read below for 19 different types of honey and learn how it can help.

Acacia honey:

He is very tasty and pleasant. This type of honey can help produce honey in a honeycomb. The most famous kind of honey and many people adore it. This kind of Honey helps with abdominal pain and improves the condition. It has a pale green that can turn into light blue color. It is effective against cough and high body temperature.

Chestnut honey:

One of the most famous species of honey and most wanted for its large amount of pollen. This type of honey has numerous healing properties, improves appetite and also strengthens the weak blood in our body. Chestnut honey contains a large amount of pollen, especially rich in B-group vitamins, enzymes and minerals. If you can find it in any of the stores near you, we recommend that you start using it. Your body will be grateful.

Linden honey:

This type of honey has a bright color. When you have a flu, it helps you to sweat and with that you can reduce your body temperature. It has a sharp taste and is easily recognizable. It is recommended for pain/diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

Sunflower honey:

Sunflower honey is one of the most wanted because it helps with the fatty acids in the body. It is effective against colds and flu. Significantly improves health and strengthens immunity.

Meadow honey:

This type of honey comes from plant species. Its color, smell and taste can change. The smell is most pleasant, and the taste can be sour.

Sage honey:

This honey is effective against seasonal flu and has a strong bacterial effect. You have to use it warm, it must not be hot.

Wild honey (beetle):

This kind of honey is recommended for those people who are weak-blooded.

Forest honey:

Honey comes from vegetable or animal origin. Bees gather on evergreen trees. This type of honey occurs during the summer at high temperatures.

Buckwheat honey:

Honey is effective against hypertension, against flu and colds and other diseases. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially iron.

Dandelion honey:

It has a distinctive taste. It is recommended and effective in cleaning the liver.

Clover honey:

It has a bright color, with a very pleasent smell. it is effective against flu and cough, fight with liver disease and it is rich with vitamins and minerals.

Honey from the blackberry:

It has a light color, a pleasant taste and helps with many diseases. You can forget about respiratory diseases at the beginning.

Raspberry honey:

The raspberry gives light color on this sweet honey and a pleasant taste. It is used against colds and is recommended against any diseases.

Fruit honey:

This honey has a dark yellow color and is effective against treating colds. It can come from various fruits that bloom in spring.

Honey from oilseed rape:

Honey stimulates urination, improves digestive system.

Honey from Willow:

It has a bitter taste. Fights with Flu and colds.

Honey from lavender:

Lavender honey is used against dizziness, he help on people with low blood pressure. Put it in any tea, it will soothe your body.

Honey from Arbutus unedo:

Great honey, but it’s bitter so beekeepers don’t sell it.

Honey in a honeycomb:

It is used against inflammation.