One photographer took a picture to remember. He took a picture of the beautiful little squirrel while he caressed the flower.

He is a Dutch photographer named Dick Van Duyn. He is very popular with over 180K followers on Instagram and draws attention with his beautiful photos.

He said he loves animals and flowers, so he managed to combine those two things with this picture.

He says he never thought he would make such a beautiful photograph that will be seen by almost the whole world. He said that he observed the squirrels and after a long time managed to take this picture.

He said that as soon as the squirrel touch the flower, he knew that the picture would be beautiful and famous. You can find this photo on Instagram under the name “Smells like Summer “.

We wish him many more moments like this, to this wonderful photographer who gives us a chance to enjoy the beautiful pictures and moments.

We are still waiting for this kind of pictures.

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