Hugging is a wonderful way, and at the same time very powerful to express a feeling. A feeling of happiness, love, fear, sadness, or showing the other person that you care too much about him.

One of Virginia Satir’s most famous therapists tells us that we need 4 hugs a day to reduce stress, 8 to feel loved and 12 to grow.

Hugs are too important to us as humans. Who wouldn’t want a hug from their dearest person? It makes us feel protected and safe.

Hugging helps us a lot. Especially in these following situations and moments:

  • Hugging helps when someone has an emotion of sadness. When it feels abandoned. We all love love and we all have the right to feel secure and protected. When you see someone close to you sad, feel free to hug them.
  • Hugging reduces stress significantly. If someone is sad and you are watching and talking on camera phone with him, you cannot give him a hug. However, you can wait for time to pass, meet him in live and then hug him and tell him you care a lot.
  • Hugging relaxes our muscles. It reduce stress and increases circulation.
  • Hugging has an effect against anxiety and fear.
  • Hugging also balances the nervous system, increases the binding hormone and lead us to happiness and euphoria.

So start enjoying your life even more. Express your emotions and hug someone today.