Fluidity: Double Function Idea That Helps You To Grow Fresh Herbs


Do you like the idea of ​​no more wasted amounts of clean water?

Us too. We wish all of us to have clean water and to preserve it as much as we can for future generations. This idea is phenomenal and surprising. You can see from the picture how only water drains from the pots and at the same time irrigates them, nourishes the roots of the plants.

The name of this project is called ‘Fluidity’ and was designed by the famous Libero Rutilo, who works in Milan Italy. The idea is for this project to contain and produce 2 functions: There are places where the dishes are put and they are drained and the second is, the water to go to the plants and to feed the roots. It is intended for small plants which will later be transferred to a larger container. You can only imagine how many times the water has been used and wasted.

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Source: IG: @hypeinventions