We need to do a significant check on the geographical environment from where our home-based food come. Often, in supermarkets, low prices on the food can attract us to buy them, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Here are some types of foods you should avoid from China:

  • Plastic rice

You have to be careful not to buy this type of plastic rice because the authorities in China are seizing it because it is mixed with potatoes, sweet potatoes and industrial resin. This type of rice is very difficult to digest in our body and contributes to difficulties. Be careful

  • Garlic

In 2015, America imported $ 138 million in garlic under the label ‘Organic’. Garlic is considered one of the healthiest herbs on the planet. Unfortunately, garlic from China is coated with pesticides like methyl bromide. It would be wise to buy the garlic grown elsewhere.

  • Salt

Salt is very important when we’re preparing some kind of food. Don’t let the sodium used in foodstuffs in China end up in your stomach. Buy Himalayan sea salt or rose salt.

  • Chicken

What is processed at the factory, all foods are not healthy, and on the other hand that kind of process is not humane. We all know that bird flu was spread in poultry centers. Be aware.

  • Apple juice

Recently, our government in America has imposed restrictions on apple imports into the country from China. Our country has enough apples to make juice for them and to sell also. A few years ago an antifreeze was found in juice from China. That problem has been resolved, but still the soil in the cinema remains the biggest problem because it is contaminated.

  • Fish

We must be careful, when we want to buy fish from the supermarkets, as it is contaminated with mercury and lead and poses a significant danger, especially for pregnant women.

  • Mushrooms

More than a third of processed mushrooms in the United States come from China. Mushrooms are difficult to recognize, because they are repackaged and added with sulfur dioside and formaldehyde to make them look fresh.

  • Organic food

The European Union and the United States have criteria and standards regarding organic food, which must pass certain requirements. There are contracts between inspectors and farmers (search for more on the web) to avoid food inspections. Foods originating in China as a result of ‘organic’ stamping are not always accurate.

  • Green Peas

Peas from China should be avoided because they contain soybeans, chemicals such as metabisulfur and green color.

Tips for buying the right food:

  • Buy locally
  • Buy and choose Non-GMO
  • Buy more organic
  • If you can, plant some vegetables at home. Click here for more info
  • Avoid coloring food
  • If you do not pronounce it, research the ingredient. Better yet, don’t buy it!

Source: https://www.thealternativedaily.com/