As we all know, the US spends billions of dollars a year on trade with other countries. One of those many countries is China. But still, not always Chinese food is healthy and organic. So we need to be very careful for our health and what we really put into our body.

Make the right decision and read the declaration well before you buy anything from the store.

How can we protect ourselves and what should we really avoid?

Beware and pay special attention to these 11 things, where you can see “Made in China”.

Cod: One of the worst foods you can buy that is made from China is this kind of fish. Best, just avoid it. Too toxic.

Eggs: Better to buy eggs from a store that is imported into the country from another country. In China, calcium carbonate and paraffin are useful in factories. We need to be careful.

Garlic: The farms in China are coated with some chemicals that make garlic grow faster and look fresh. If you eat garlic from Canada and then garlic from China, you could taste the difference right away.

Wine: If you are a wine lover, you know well that China-made wine should be avoided. Why? Because wine factories in China supply: sugar, dyes and artificial flavors. Be careful.

Tea: Although we know China is a big consumer of tea, some toxic chemicals have been found in teas brought from China. No one was exported from China, but still ..

Industrial Salt: Salt was sold all over China as if it were moneyless. However, salt needs to be carefully crafted, selected, or will cause reproductive system disorders.

Watermelon: Many watermelons in China are filled with pesticides to grow larger to weigh more on the market. Buy only organic so you don’t get sick.

Tilapia: Like many other fish in China, they are put in water containing different chemicals, so if you are not careful they can end up in your plate.

Rice Pasta: Surely most people love pasta. But you should avoid imported rice pasta. In China, sulfur dioxide is added to make pasta look fresh.

Plastic rice: You all know well that in every dish, the Chinese use rice. Do you suppose how many tons of rice need to be produced quickly to satisfy the market? Well you know that synthetic resin is used to make rice faster and satisfy consumers.

Mushrooms: Some of the inspections could tell you that many mushrooms from the cinema are broken. They can label the box as an organic product, only to increase export and sales.

Here are some tips from us on how to save your food:

  • Buy organic food where you can see that it writes GreenFood. This food is certified organic.
  • Wash and peel. This goes to any type of food, no matter where and what you buy it. It reduces the chance of you getting any bacteria in your body.
  • Always, especially always be careful when buying seafood. Whether you are planning to buy Fish or something else, it is better to choose to eat something other than to eat something that has not been tested and publicly confirmed that it can be consumed..