starbucks give free coffee do medical staff

As we all know, this type of coronavirus, which which first time appeared in late December 2019, has spread all over the planet so far and has Coronavirus Cases: 472,723 and Deaths: 21,305, with only 114,749 recovered.

We should all be careful and we should all stay in our homes this next period.

We only need to stay in our homes, but out there are the medical staff, which are in the front line, fighting the battle for us against coronavirus. They are constantly struggling every day to save more lives.

That’s why Starbucks decided to give medical staff more free coffee. In addition to medical staff, Starbucks will also give free coffee to: firefighters, hospital staff, doctors, law enforcement officers and investigators. Free coffee will be available until May 3rd.

Many of its Starbucks stores have closed temporarily due to the pandemic, but some of the cafes are open near hospitals.

Big Thanks to Starbucks from all of us.

Stay home and be safe!