Dandelions are the quintessential spring foraging plant, so they are a part of the group of edible and medicinal plants. They have edible roots, liaves and flowers and they are too easy to identify.

If you want to pick more flowers of this species, do not be afraid and carefully gather them because maybe there will be more bees on top of them, because they are food for them.

You can use dandelion for making a pesto with the leaves, and dandelion root coffee with the roots.


Chickweed is very tasty and you can find it in early spring. They can continue to grow in regions where there is a milder climate. You can see them even in winter. When you warm them, they will be more soft, so quickly add them to salads.


Miner’s Lettuce is a delicious plant that can be found in the western regions, but also in some other regions. It can also grow in winter.


Wild violets can withstand cold climates and they can also grow in winter in the warmer regions. They are among the first flowers to come up in early spring. Their leaves are delicious, edible and healing.


It doesn’t matter if you choose red or white clover, they’re both edible, rich in vitamins and minerals. Red clover in particular has a lot of vitamins so it can make wonderful tea.


Fiddleheads are part of fern leaves and need to be cooked well before being consumed. They are available in early spring. They taste asparagus-like, so you can fine-tune them, add garlic and serve.


Ramps can be seen in the eastern parts of the United States and Canada. They taste strongly expressed as onions and garlic, so they can be used just like onions and garlic.


Adding them to your menu will make a big difference to your health. They taste like cucumber, they can be consumed raw and they have too many vitamins and minerals. Every part of the plant can be used.


Currently, I personally have never found wild asparagus, but would love to find in the near future! They can be seen in patchy areas , so it is very difficult to get to them. The wild tastes like ordinary asparagus.


Stinging nettle is a pretty tasty plant, easy to find. It can be found, in early spring. If you want to harvest the plant, take a pair of gloves with you and cook it very well to scatter the sting.


The perfect serving of salad and together with dead nettle, will boost your immune system. Dead nettle can be found in gardens and yards. It has purple color and it is easily recognizable. Tasty indeed!


Henbit enters the family of violet dead nettle, and often interferes with it. If you compare the two photos of them, you will notice the difference.

You can add it to salads, because it is too tasty and full of vitamins.


Garlic mustard has a strong garlic flavor, so you can pick and use it in your dishes just like garlic. You will enrich the healthy taste of your meal!


Most likely, no one knows that the willow is a powerful medicinal tree! The compounds that the bark possesses are the same as those of aspirin!


Another medicinal plant that can be seen in early spring. Its taste is quite bitter, so it is used for medicinal purposes.


Plantain is also a useful and healthy plant, with two kind of varieties. It is a edible and very nutritious plant. You can use both varieties, broadleaf or narrowleaf. Older leaves of this plant variety can be used for soups and stews.


Cleavers often know how to surprise people with their healing properties and encourage them to consume it more. It’s too nutritious for our lymphatic system.


Everyone wants to find more and more mushrooms so they can cook them well and enjoy in their taste. This type of mushroom has a short season. During the early spring, they are one of the best mushrooms.

Important: If you do not know which types of mushrooms are healthy and not poisonous, please seek first help, before harvesting them!


This type of oyster mushroom, are really easy to spot, because they starts to grow in early spring until autumn. They grow on trees or on some fallen logs.


Aand for last, the beautiful mushrooms called King bolete which are considered one of the best mushrooms and they are truly delicious! They can be found under evergreen trees.

Important: Always use a guide if you like and go for mushroom hunting!

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