Ten scientists from Rotterdam, from the “Erasmus” Medical Center, along with the University of Utrecht, are the first in the world to develop an antibody capable of avoiding infection of the Coronavirus Covid-19 variant.

For “Erasmus” magazine, Frank Grosveld, a professor of cell biology, said: “I’m too old to jump right on the table. This article and research, both should be reviewed by researchers on the BioRxiv internet platform and then published by the leading science journal “Nature”.

Best scientists around the world, believe that an antibody that will neutralize SARS-CoV-2 will be developed soon.They also said that, this is the SARS-2 virus, or Covid-19, caused by coronavirus.

The first antibody, which will block the infection, has now been found and is relatively fast, Grosveld said, adding that the development of the vaccine will be more expensive and longer.

This invention is not morally likely to result in a vaccine, although it may be relatively helpful for the patient to stop or reduce the infection, thereby enabling the patient to recover faster.

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