As part of the global race, the Australian Science Agency, which will launch and test two candidates over the next three months, to stop the coronavirus pandemic, has entered the fray.

The first phase of testing the vaccine has begun. A potential vaccine is very much needed in such cases like this to fight against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease.

SCIRO announced on Thursday that the vaccine test would last 3 months. They are cooperating with the CEPI Innovation Coalition.

SCIRO has announced that it will initially test two candidates with a vaccine developed by Oxford University and the American Biotechnology Company.

It is also worth noting that the public vaccine is 18 months away.

SCIRO CEO Dr Larry Marshall, said in his statement: ” This launch of a virus vaccine test is key to our survival. It’s a big thing. Please be patient. This collaboration is made possible by Australia with the help of the whole world.

We will continue to fight against this viral enemy until is completely defeated.”