There are numerous of endangered species in the world, such as the gray wolf, the grizzly bear and 700 other species. Among them, Bumblebee has been officially added.

According to the research by National Geographic:

“The Bombus affinis used to be very beautiful, but now it’s on the verge of extinction. In the past two decades, the number of bees has dropped by about 80-90 percent. In addition to the number of 3,000 different species of bees in America, almost half they belong to the genus Bombus -Bumblebee. “

Bumblebee, are the most needed among the insects, due to the pollination of agricultural crops. According to research by the US Fish and Animal Service, one of the main reasons for the decline in bee numbers of this species is that you can guess for yourself, the human violation of the law. Too much money from the US budget, these polluters save every year. The amount is estimated at around $ 3 billion.

Bumble bee at the fly.

Rich Hatfield, a senior biologist, says:

“If we all don’t roll up our sleeves and change our habits, this species will die fast and only then will we’ll have serious consequences for agriculture and for our food. Organic food, is the most important way of life for us. We must start as soon as possible with clearing the field first and get to work quickly.

More than a third of plants across America depend on these pollinators. Bumblebee’s percentage has dropped dramatically due to the destruction of natural resources through monoculture and the use of pesticides. We have to change that.”

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