New stories are constantly circulating about new viruses.

Let’s ask ourselves: “Has the behavior of the virus changed?”

A mutated virus sounds scary, but we need to know that viruses are constantly changing and upgrading.

There is still no clear and visible evidence that the newly modified variant of the coronavirus, discovered in the south-east of England, is able to either transmit more easily, cause more severe symptoms or make the new vaccine less beneficial to the population.

In this case, there is a warning, which means that the virus can mutate more easily, spread and cause more infections. The other question is, how did the virus mutate? What made him mutate? “There are a lot of mutations, some of which look surprisingly interesting,” said Nick Lohmann of the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK).

It must be noted that scientists around the world are closely monitoring the virus.

The coronavirus can be seen from the numerous news and novelties that we read, that it tries to work in different forms and to attack the human body differently.

But soon, the mass vaccination will put another kind of pressure on the virus and will help us fight it. Constantly improving vaccines means better protection for us.

However, do not forget to consume the recommended fruit juices throughout the day and consume a sufficient amount of fruit daily so that we can help our body fight bacteria and viruses.

Take care.