Behind the death of 1 man and many others falling ill, health officials have reported a replacement coronavirus. Initial signs show that there’s no transmission of the pneumonia-like virus from human to human.
According to the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee, a minimum of 59 cases are confirmed so far , including seven seriously ill patients. Since coming into direct contact with the infected individuals, an extra 163 individuals also are under medical observation.

In reaction to eight possible incidents, the Hong Kong authorities triggered a “serious response” stage.
All patients have started showing symptoms of pneumonia or serious tract infections, with fever and breathing problems endured by many, although the explanation for the disease isn’t yet known.
On Thursday, China’s official Xinhua press agency said that the initial lab findings point towards the identification of a replacement coronavirus. In total, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said, 41 individuals are experiencing symptoms of the pathogen and seven are in critical condition.
Sparks of the old pandemic
For those that addressed the Sars epidemic 18 years ago, this new outbreak seems to possess sparked memories.
At the time, within the southern Chinese province, the planet Health Organization blamed China for not reporting the proper number of cases of Sars.

During the SARS epidemic, travelers getting to other countries are thought to possess been behind the massive number of cases because Sars spreads rapidly without swift medical aid .
At the time, China got obviate its health minister for coping poorly with the crisis.
Ever since May 2004, the country has been freed from Sars.