Blueberries are super healthy and attractive. However, buying organic fruits and vegetables is just too expensive, and that we suggest that you just grow your own at home. But, first, let’s go trough a number of the advantages provided by these berries.

Health benefits

  1. Low in calories and high in essential nutrients

A cup of blueberries gives you 3.6 grams of dietary fiber, and 24% of your recommended daily intake of ascorbic acid. you may also get 36% of antihemorrhagic factor.

  1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants in blueberries prevent cell damage and forestall premature aging. Eat blueberries and stay young! These antioxidants will facilitate your prevent and treat cancer. Drink blueberry juice to scale back DNA damage by 20%.

  1. Blueberries prevent blood cholesterol damage
  2. Lower pressure level

A study has shown that you simply can lower your pressure by 4-6% by eating a 50-gram portion of blueberries a day for 8 weeks.

  1. Blueberries optimize brain function and memory

Grow your own blueberries

  1. the proper spot

Blueberries like rich soil and lots of sunlight. Sun is very important for the photosynthesis of this fruit. The soil takes part within the same process. If you’ve got a garden, consider planting your blueberries in raised beds. Patio containers work well for those that sleep in apartments. Get yourself a dwarf plant that grows 2 feet high.

  1. Blueberries need enough room

A shrub needs 6 feet of space. If you plant some bushes, confirm there’s 2.5-3 feet space between the bushes.

  1. Planting

Plant blueberries in spring, and you’ll harvest blueberries in July and August.

  1. Mulching

Sawdust is ideal for blueberries. you’ll be able to also use pine bark, rind mulch, and grass clipping. you wish 2-4 inches.

  1. Pruning

Prune big bushes to strengthen the branches, and take away any dry bits. you must also remove the branches near the basis.

  1. Fertilization

Unlike inorganic fertilizers, organic fertilizers damage the plant. you’ll use bloodmeal or cottonseed.