Elderberries are considered for one of the most potent herbs which will treat influenza very efficiently, its extract to be precise. no matter on what kind of weather outside you’re exposed, or if you’re hit by influenza or you somehow become sick, elderberry syrup is the best option to fight flu.

This can be a very efficient medicine these days and its benefits are a indisputable fact, published in many medical journals.

Those magazine articles are what inspired us to write down this story.

This is no new fact actually. This herb had found its use a few years ago within the traditional medicine as means for treating the flu, colds, and sinusitis and even herpes simplex. Its efficiency was tested throughout a study, where elderberry syrup was used for treating Influenza A and B infections. Patients from 18-54 years, all showing influenza symptoms, were included within the study. it absolutely was executed in Norway back in 1999-2000 were in an exceedingly period of two days or less.

The patients received 15ml of elderberry syrup or placebo syrup for five consecutive days and their results were monitored with a visible analogue scale.

In four days, those that were using elderberry extract syrup had to use rescue medication just for a brief time as compared to the placebo group.

How it works
Science has proven that the active compound within the elderberry named Antivirin, commonly found in proteins of the Sambucus canadensis has many anti-viral properties, very effective in stopping the flu virus. Study that was performed showed that Sambucol is consisted of active components which may increase the inflammatory cytokine production.

How to take the extract:
You can take it on its own or put it in your tea. within the summer you’ll be able to mix it with a chilly beverage in addition, it’ll still do the trick. Remember to always keep your elderberry extract in a very cold dry place = or just refrigerated.

Elderberry syrup recipe:

  • 16 ounces of elderberry juice
  • 4 tablespoons of juice
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey


At first, prepare the elderberry juice. Place elderberries in a pan, cowl them with water, and heat till starts to boil. Then, remove from heat, and leave the elderberries within the liquid for a few hours. Then, strain the liquid, discard the berries, and put it in fridge.

Next step, in a pan, mix the elderberry juice with juice of lemon, and heat over medium heat. Boil the mixture, leave it to simmer for 20 minutes, and remove from heat.

Add the honey, and drink it warm

Source: cleanfoodhouse.com