What do dermatologists use to treat burns? How do dentists relieve toothache? Doctors not always have the remedy at hand. Sometimes they need to improvise similar like you doing and making remedies at home.

Here are some examples:

Natural Remedy For Acne:

“Gently clean your face using salt (an antiseptic) and some neem oil drops”, advices doctor Hema Sundaram. Rinse with water, apply plain yogurt mask and leave it for 10 to fifteen minutes. Yogurt contains carboxylic acid referred to as a well-liked natural peeling that creates your skin shiny, but also removes acne, and reduces the colour changes of fine lines.

Calm irritated skin quickly:

“Sprinkle some mineral water”, says doctor Christopher Dannaker, dermatology professor at the California University in port of entry. Numerous studies have shown that the water is rich in minerals, and truly spring water relieves pain caused by burns or dermatitis, and it’s also employed in treating redness and itchy feeling after a laser treatment.

Eczema and Psoriasis:

Treat eczema and psoriasis by applying some oil directly on the affected area. Gently massage every sq in employing a teaspoon, until the skin dries completely. vegetable oil doesn’t contain any chemical substances that will irritate your skin, and it’s the most ingredient in many skin care creams. If you’re coping with a heavy problem, skip the initial therapy and attend your doctor immediately.

Natural Remedy for Mosquito Bites:

When attacked by mosquito, doctor Dannaker reduces the swelling and therefore the itchy feeling using aspirin paste. Crush a little bit of aspirin and add enough water to dilute it. Apply the paste directly on the sting. Aspirin has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces bite, sting, pimple and pilus redness, because it contains hydroxy acid, a lively ingredient that cures acne.

Remedy For Minor Burns:

“Regardless of whether you have got fallen asleep while sunbathing or simply touched the incorrect side of the pot, cold green or tea compress can heal minor burns”, says doctor Maria Saward, professor at the graduate school in Pennsylvania. Soak a clean towel in an exceedingly freshly prepared black or tea leaf and apply it directly on the burn so as to cut back the inflammation.


“This quite of dermatitis is caused by perfumes or maybe heat”, says doctor Andy Spooner, Director of the Department of Pediatrics at the Health Science Center in Tennessee. Rule preferred says you need to visit the closest pharmacy and acquire an antihistamine. make sure to test the correct dosing.


Numerous medicines sold in pharmacies mostly contain sugar. Take a fruit syrup (choose peach). It prevents morning nausea caused by large and heavy meals. A glass of carbonated drink may also facilitate your.

Doctor Gennady Raskin, Dean of the school of Medicine at the Bastyr University, treats diarrhea using tea.

“Mediterranean rosehip bark tea really calms our stomach”, says Raskin. Next time you get some pomegranates, keep the peel on a dry and dark place up to 6 months. Add a teaspoon of dried pomegranate peel in 2 dl of water and await 3-4 minutes until it’s done. Then watch for half an hour and filter the tea. this may stimulate the assembly of gastric mucosa and it’ll also reduce the irritation. Drink 4-6 tablespoons on a daily basis.


“Cloves (Eugenia caryophyllata) can relieve toothache quite efficiently. This ancient medical treatment really works”, says doctor Jack Dillenberg, Dean of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

Soak a bit of cotton and apply it directly on the tooth. Keep it for some minutes. you may feel some relieve until you attend see your dentist.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com