Mosquitoes seem to be the sole thing which will ruin a pleasant day by the pool, a barbecue party in your yard within the late afternoon, or a hot summer night under the celebrities.

And while humans have almost perfected their way of living, there’s apparently no 100% effective mosquito repellent on the market, which will easily put an end to the present problem.

But wait..did you recognize that dragonflies can protect you from mosquitoes? What’s more, you won’t even have to use chemicals anymore!

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, and that’s the answer to your problem. Keep them in your garden, and you may never ever should handle mosquitoes again.

Dragonflies may look scary, but they’ll only hurt mosquitoes. Dragonfly larvae “nymphs,” prey on mosquito larvae, and adult dragonflies prey on adult mosquitoes. These insects like comfortable and safe environments, so ponds are perfect for them. The nymphs will eat mosquito larvae within the water, while the adult dragonflies will sun themselves on the rocks, looking ahead to the adults to go away the pond.

So, bring those dragonflies in your yard!

  1. Install a pond

Dragonflies spend most of their life under water. Your pond should be around fifteen feet in diameter and a pair of feet deep. Place some rocks at the sting to grant the dragonflies an area to rest and relax. If you can’t dig a hole, use atiny low pool.

It should be shallow at one end and deep at the opposite, with vegetation that grows out of the water and plenty of flat rocks surrounding it.

  1. Use water plants

Water lilies are an ideal addition for your pond. Dragonflies lay their eggs on the plants. Therefore, plant Gluceria Maxima, as this plant is ideal for dragonflies, and that they can mount up it.

Also, other plants that attract adult dragonflies include Black-Eyed Susan, Asclepias incarnata, and Joe-Pye weed.

As an additional tip, confirm you are taking Spirulina daily to induce enough thiamin, because it is that the only thing that may keep mosquitoes away since it masks the natural odors they like. you wish a tablespoon daily to urge 300mg.