Most people adore succulents because they transform every corner of the house into a beautiful space!

Furthermore, millennials adore plants, and because they are low-maintenance, an increasing number of them are partaking in what has been dubbed the “modern-day succulent craze.”

Succulents’ thick leaves and stems hold a lot of water, making them ideal for all home gardeners and apartment dwellers out there.

Furthermore, you will be surprised to learn that there are countless succulent varieties to choose from, all of which bloom in a variety of shapes and colors, and the one we present today is simply one-of-a-kind!

Haworthia cooperi will captivate you in an instant with its attractive crystalline, see-through leaves!

The cushion aloe, star window plant, and zebra aloe are all names for this tiny plant.
Despite the fact that this plant is grown for its distinctive leaves, it also produces white flowers in the summer, which are held high above the plant on peduncles up to 12 inches long.

This plant is native to South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, and it comes in thirteen different varieties, all with “densely packed fleshy blue-green leaves that form a rosette shape.”

It prefers bright light, but it should not be left in full or direct sunlight. If you’ve already fallen in love with it, you can buy Haworthia cooperi from Amazon, Home Depot, and Etsy.

So, are you ready to bring this gem home with you?

Most people simply adore succulents, as they turn each corner in the house into an attractive area!

Plus, millennials love their plants, and due to their low-maintenance nature, an increasing number of them are participating in what the internet dubbed as “modern-day succulent craze.”

The thick leaves and stems of succulents hold a fair amount of water, so they are excellent for all home gardeners and apartment dwellers out there.

What’s more, you will be surprised to learn that there are countless of succulent varieties you can choose from, that bloom in lots of different shapes and colors, and the one we present today is simply unique-looking!

With its attractive crystalline, see-through leaves, Haworthia cooperi will charm you in an instant!

This tiny plant is also known as the cushion aloe, the star window plant, and the zebra aloe.

As the light penetrates its leaves, they look like beautiful shiny gems!

However, even though this plant is cultivated for its unique leaves, it also produces white flowers in summer, which are held high above the plant on peduncles measuring up to 12 inches.

This plant is native to the Eastern Cape province in South Africa, and there are thirteen stunning varieties that all have “densely packed fleshy blue-green leaves which form a rosette shape.”

It can grow up to 5cm tall, and it is very easy to maintain since it can withstand periods of drought. Therefore, just make sure you do not overwater it, and decrease watering it during the winter to once a month, until spring comes again.

It enjoys bright light, but do not leave it in full or direct sun. If you have already fallen in love with it, you can purchase your Haworthia cooperi at Amazon, Home Depot, and Etsy.

So, are you ready to bring home this jewel?