Looking to have a good time? From Wynwood to South Beach, the finest clubs in Miami provide a mix of day drinking places and entertaining lounges.March 2021: Ahead of the one-year anniversary of the day the world came to a halt (Has it really been a year?! ), Miamians are ready to party. While the city is teeming with visitors and residents seeking for the finest clubs in Miami, the city’s nightlife scene has evolved significantly. E11EVEN is no longer a place to dance from dawn to dusk, but the 24-hour ultraclub has discovered a way past the countywide ban. Day drinking is the new after-party, and it’s taking place both indoors at popular locations like Space and outside at well-known party haunts like El Patio.

1. E11even

E11even is several things. The 24-hour club (which was formerly and will soon be reopened) is part nightclub, part performance space, half strip club, and part rooftop restaurant (and as of recently, a vodka purveyor). There is no more outrageous nightclub in the world than E11even, even though the current curfew does limit its working hours. The 4 a.m. revelry has been rescheduled for 4 p.m., and all attendees must make a table reservation in order to celebrate (no more loitering around the bar). During the club’s mandated break, a significant refurbishment procedure was completed, thus the majority of the furniture you see are brand new.

2. Club Space

Space has been Miami’s go-to dark after-hours club for over 16 years. Last year, the 24-hour Downtown venue had a programming revival as well, booking techno and house luminaries like as Black Madonna, Honey Dijon, and many others. And now it’s undergoing a new type of makeover, inviting guests to view the sunset rather than its iconic terrace sunrises, and limiting crowds by requiring table reservations. Riding by yourself? Examine the club’s Instagram and read the comments area, which appears to be acting as a classified ad for single clubbers.

3. ATV Records

The closure of Wynwood’s long-running underground dance music institution, the Electric Pickle, shattered the hearts of ravers from all over Miami. Fortunately, ATV has risen to take its place, with assistance from the team responsible for much of the Pickle magic (read: the acts are still next-level). Several features from the Wynwood location have been carried over to the Downtown location, including the iconic spaceship disco ball and, of course, the thumping bass that made Pickle famous.

4. El Patio Wynwood

El Patio is unlike anything else in Wynwood, which is great praise given the variety of alternatives in the popular art neighborhood. The largely outside Latin bar manages to entice visiting visitors while still retaining a strong local following. A rotating lineup of DJs will curate a superb playlist of old school Latin, reggae, electro, and everything in between to ensure hips never stop shaking. Add in one of Wynwood’s greatest daily happy hours ($5 drinks and beer from 5 to 8pm) and you’ve got a spot worth arriving early and staying late for.

5. Twist

Miami’s renowned gay club remains a safe sanctuary for our city’s LGBTQ community while also embracing any tolerant and cheerful person. Twist is a fantastic location to let your hair down without having to worry about the South Beach posturing that may be seen at other velvet rope clubs. (In keeping with its motto, “Never a cover, always a groove.”) Inside, there are two floors and seven separate bars that provide two-for-one beverages everyday from 3 to 8 p.m. Twist never has a dull moment.

6. Do Not Sit On The Furniture

It’s packed tight and kept very dark, except for those moments when the gorgeous light fixture flashes and illuminates everything around you. It’s designed more for dancing than sitting (hence the name), and it’s packed tight and kept very dark, except for those moments when the gorgeous light fixture flashes and illuminates everything around you. Do Not Sit, which is founded and run in part by globally famous DJ-producer Behrouz and Electric Pickle’s Will Renuart, has a reputation for top-tier guest performers and underground sensibilities. If you want to enjoy a DJ session poolside, the company behind Do Not Sit has recently launched a series of outdoor pop-ups.