A building crew hard at work on a new roof for a worthy homeowner.

Admira Depina, a former staff sergeant in the United States Army, stated that she “spent about ten years in the Army.”

I served one tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

In 2018, I was medically retired.”

Admira just relocated to Randolph and immediately realized that her new home would require a significant amount of repair.

“When she initially moved in, she had quite a few improvements that she needed to get done, and six months later she discovered that her roof was leaking,” explained Jason Couto, co-owner of Couto Construction in New Bedford.

The group was able to provide Admira with a new roof by collaborating with Owens Corning and Couto Construction.

“It’s very nice to give back, especially to a single mother with a child and take this off her plate- without having to worry about it,” said Derek Couto, co-owner of Couto Construction.

“Wow, this is a lot.

This is money that could be used for anything else, thus it is significant.

Words cannot describe how grateful my family and I are,” Admira remarked.

Couto Construction estimates that the new roof will cost $21,000 in materials and labor, but they believe that giving back to those who have served is invaluable.

“The military has us covered, and in this scenario, we were able to give back, and we are grateful.” said Drake.

“When we commit ourselves to serving, we don’t expect anything in return.

And it means a lot when someone does contribute something in return.

And I’m speaking for myself and all the veterans out there,” Depina added.